Calibration Management Software

P.J. Bonner has a partnership agreement with Prime Technologies to market and license their excellent calibration management software – ProCal. As a calibration provider, we searched packages from all over the world and firmly believe ProCal to be the best we have found.

ProCalV5 is a calibration management software designed to assist calibration and quality managers maintain compliance. It eliminates the need for calculators when creating records, during the calibration process or when approving final records. A library of routines for forced e-signature routings can be created and individually attached to any device or activity. Global changes, automatic archiving, paperless import/export of work assignments and much more are just some of the features within this robust system;

  • All certificates are provided in electronic format.
  • A current instrument index is available with the latest calibration data.
  • Archived data allows you to track calibration trends.
  • Each customer gets a secure, unique view of relevant data.

playIconSmall ProCalV5 Introductory Video

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