SKS Sensors® temperature and pressure sensors

SKS Sensors


SKS Sensors® temperature and pressure sensors are state-of-the-art technology products manufactured by SKS Automaatio Oy for OEM and process industries.
SKS Pressure SensorsSKS Sensors® manufacture vibration-proof resistance and thermocouple sensing elements which are mineral insulated. Their standard product line consists of 23 basic designs which can be tailored according to customer specification. In addition to the wide standard product range, SKS Sensors® also provide individual customer-specific package solutions.

Own manufacturing by SKS guarantees short delivery times even for application-specific special sensors where for example ATEX and IECEx certification is a requirement.

SKS Temperature SensorsHigh-quality SKS Sensors® temperature sensors can be applied in various industrial measuring systems in the Chemical, Hygienic Biopharma, Machine Manufacture, Energy, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage and Gas & Oil sectors.

The principles of SKS Sensors® services are high-quality sensors, fast deliveries, cost-effectiveness and low risk for the customer.SKS Temperature Transmitters

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