Legal Metrology Verification

Legal Metrology Verification

Verification is the process of ensuring that measuring equipment as defined by NAWI (Non Automatic Weighing Instruments) is functioning and working correctly prior to being used for the sale of goods. P.J. Bonner are Authorised Verifiers for the Legal Metrology Service in Ireland and can provide this verification service on EC Type Approved Weighing Instruments around Ireland.

“The Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Directive (NAWI) is the European law that sets down the essential requirements for weighing instruments such as retail scales, industrial scales and weighbridges. It provides options to the manufacturer to choose how the requirements are met and which organizations to apply to for conformity assessment.” – NSAI

P.J. Bonner are authorised to carry out verifications on:

  • NAWI retail – Class III and Class IIII
  • NAWI industrial – Class III and Class IIII

The benefits of an effective Verification process include

  • Accurate Weighing Measurement
  • Increased Customer Confidence
  • Compliance Garaunteed
  • Improved Customer Service
  • NAWI Compliance

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