Instrumentation Commissioning

Commissioning of Instruments

On site commissioning of instrumentation can be provided at any new plant or equipment being installed and ensure that the instrumentation and control is in a ready state to be handed over. P.J. Bonner offers a reliable and expert commissioning service, with complete documentation, comprehensive loop checking and a professional hand-over.

Our commissioning service includes:

  • Instrumentation Selection and Check-list of Correctly Sourced product against specification
  • Instrumentation Tagging and Performance
    • We follow ISA procedure ISA-5.1-2009 Instrumentation Symbols and Identification 2009 as our guide
  • Determine Process Tolerance and Frequency for Each Loop
  • Determine Calibration Range of Instrumentation
  • Categorise Each Loop as Critical or Non-Critical
  • Loop Checking
  • Calibration of Instrumentation including Initial Bench calibration.
  • Performance and Acceptance Testing
  • Liaising with other contractors to ensure project timing is agreed
  • Completion of all documentation

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