Pharmaceutical Calibration Case Study


Flexible Calibration Solution for Multi-National Pharmaceutical Business

Company Profile: Global Pharma. Manufacturer, Dublin


The Client

A pharmaceutical products manufacturer and distributor based in Dublin with a range of well known global healthcare brands. The company manufactures leading prescription medicines and it also manufactures and supplies a non-prescription healthcare range.


Requirements and Challenges

An effective Calibrations system is essential for a modern Pharmaceutical plan, given the high standards required and the heavily regulated environment that Pharma. companies operate in. The client required a robust process that would give the management team complete confidence that best possible standards were applied in terms of calibrations. however while a a comprehensive calibration service was needed on an ongoing basis, flexibility was also required so that the company could increase or decrease calibration service days in line with business needs and the existing workload.

This business has approx. 1700 instruments to be calibrated annually and/or bi-annually with calibrations spread throughout the year and with various months busier than others depending on Manufacturing cycles. Its essential that the calibrations are completed on-time and before any manufacturing process that relies on the relevant equipment is is instigated. The business also needs easy access to relevant records and documentation.

The main challenge as a Pharmaceutical Calibration Supplier was to plan out a complete schedule of calibrations in a comprehensive manner but in a way that gave the business sufficient flexibility to eliminate any impact on manufacturing schedules.


Service Provided

PJBonner worked very closely with this customer to define a solution that would fit in with production schedules and that made use of planned down-times and any breakdown periods. The flexible solution we devised allows for us to be on-site with more qualified technicians during busy months, and less technicians during the quieter months. We work directly with each key production manager to plan the calibration and maintenance schedule, by providing detailed lists electronically of instruments, loop and systems that are due to be calibrated in the coming month including all relevant information such as

Manufacturer / Model / Serial Number / Building / Location / Calibration Interval / Last Calibration Date.

We then plan the required days on-site and the resources required to complete the calibration in an efficient, professional and on-time manner.

Our technicians communicate with the client on an ongoing basis and we alert production managers to any adjustments that are made to instruments, any ‘Failed’ calibrations and any faulty instruments that need attention prior to calibration. The client receives

  • Calibration certificates daily for all instruments calibrated
  • A complete overview of calibrations performed, at predefined intervals
  • An updated instrument list


Benefits of Pharmaceutical Calibration

A key benefit for the customer is that they know they are paying for the service only when its required and any ‘idle’ time on-site is thus eliminated.

We also provide an emergency service for any time that we are not on-site, with a technician generally available that day or the next morning, although for a serious issue an out-of-hours service is also available – we will support the business in whatever way it takes to keep the production schedule on track.

Our customer will confirm that the quality and responsiveness of the service delivered has continually exceeded expectations.


Product Supply and Expertise

As we are leading suppliers of global brands, customers often find it convenient and cost-effective to source instrumentation and weighing products and spares from PJ Bonner. We can quote on a like-for-like basis or offer an alternative product which may be more appropriate. Where required, in certain circumstances quotes can be generated within 30 minutes for standard items and PO’s can be received within the hour so that customers can keep the plant running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. PJ Bonner operate country wide across Ireland.

Call today to discuss our capabilities with ourselves or with our reference case study customer. We look forward to talking with you.

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