Instrumentation Calibration Dairy Sector

Instrumentation Calibration Dairy Industry Case Study

Instrumentation Calibration & Expert Maintenance

Company: International Dairy Company, Cork

The Client

The customer based in Cork is a leading Irish Dairy processing company and products include milk, cheese and food ingredients.The business operates some of Europe’s largest and most efficient plants and quality processes are a key priority .

Requirements and Objectives

Maintaining a busy processing plant is a 24/7 job. Every instrument on the plant is important to the overall performance of the facility and accurate performance of the Instrumentation is key to its success. So the client required both re-active and pro-active instrumentation calibration solutions to ensure that the systems to manage Instrumentation Calibration and related tasks were implemented in a way that maximised up-time for each area of the process. The maintenance managers required complete confidence in the ability of the Instrumentation Calibration Technicians to solve any critical problems that occurred onsite and to provide advice as necessary to implement preventative maintenance procedures.

As part of this Instrumentation Calibration requirement, the need to keep the instruments and processes functioning was an important factor. Likewise the team had to have total confidence in the instrumentation calibration and having an up to-date and sophisticated calibration management programme was essential.

Service Provided

PJ Bonner provided this customer with experienced and qualified Instrument Technicians. We were able to respond quickly, get to breakdowns fast and rectify production delays efficiently – minimising plant down-time. Another element of this maintenance service was to provide the customer with data – trends and information to assist with the preventative maintenance program, with a view to avoiding these issues into the future i.e. to get to the problem before it occurs!

We also delivered instrumentation calibration services using certified and traceable test equipment for all plant calibrations including instruments with 3 Month, 6 Month & 12 Month calibration intervals. This was partly achieved by being able to schedule the times efficiently with the customer using our CMS (Calibration Management Software), ProCalV5, to know exactly when calibrations were due. We also liaised closely with our client to minimise any plant disruption. The service included

  • On-Site Instrumentation Calibration Maintenance of all instrumentation
  • Calibration at regular intervals plus on-demand instrumentation calibration
  • Full instrument list and a clear and concise calibration schedule
  • On-Call service, 24/7 to provide out-of-hours breakdown service
  • Provide instrumentation calibration and weighing products from all leading manufacturers


The client gained confidence from the knowledge that expert staff were on-hand to manage the contract in a manner that met and exceeded expectations. The customer benefited from the experience of qualified technicians on the ground as well as enjoying the indepth knowledge PJ Bonner has built up over 35 years of providing this excellent service to customers across Ireland. PJBonner has also provided extra man-power for project work and peak season times as requested.

If you are interested in working with us, you can enjoy these benefits too. In addition, our Internal Sales team can source and supply Instrumentation and Weighing products from International Manufacturers to provide a one stop for all instrumentation calibration requirements. PJBonner operate across the Island of Ireland. Contact us now to learn more.

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