Calibration and Mapping Supply Chain Case Study

Calibration and Mapping Supply Chain Case Study

Calibration and Mapping for Supply Chain Company

Company Profile: Nationwide Supply Chain and Logistics. Based Dublin, Cork , Kilkenny.

The Client

A leading national Supply Chain company with bases in Dublin, Cork and Kilkenny and operations serving customers with supply chain solutions for Ambient, Chilled and Frozen Food and Pharma.

Requirements and Challenges

The customer needed a reliable and expert calibration service for its temperature monitored warehouses. It also required a process to examine temperatures as adverse temperature fluctuations would compromise the quality of the product. The company wanted to have total confidence that the heating, cooling and ventilation equipment was working as required. For a supply chain business, maintaining the calibration schedules is critical and PJ Bonner has a process to assist in managing the schedules. While this customer has all the necessary systems in place, we supplement customer systems with a back-up reminder service to ensure no breakdown will hamper the correct scheduling of calibrations.

The company needed a calibration service that would be performed quickly, efficiently and accurately and that would make all the relevant documentation readily accessible after Calibration and Temperature Mapping. One of the challenges in working at these facilities is the fact that certain sensors are difficult to reach and this presented a practical challenge where it was essential to reach these sensors but equally the safety of the team is key.

Service Provided

We have worked extremely closely with the client to ensure that calibrations are scheduled in advance, any platform requirements are addressed and if a platform or boom is required for remote probes, we have ensured that the lifts and safety equipment is checked, certified for use and ready. All our staff who work in facilities where sensors are in hard-to-reach areas, are specifically safety trained in the use of hoists and harnesses. They also complete ‘Mobile Elevated Working Platform’ training to give them the safety skills to complete the job.

In terms of analysing temperature fluctuations, this is done through an effective Temperature Mapping service. It is of critical importance to any company that makes or handles medicinal products, that the strict guidelines from Health Products Regulatory Authority (Formerly Irish Medicines Board) are followed – to control the storage of this product in a temperature controlled environment and to ensure that products are not exposed to maximum or minimum temperature fluctuations. We provided a comprehensive mapping solution for this client, and we installed multiple certified loggers at fixed intervals to give a 3D map of the area, set to log at pre-defined intervals for a specified time. We then amalgamate all the data and findings into one easy-to-read report, with data points, graphs and the analysis all clearly explained.


There have been many benefits for our customer in working with PJ Bonner;

– The customer can focus on what they do best; effective supply chain solutions – as they have total confidence in the Calibration and Temperature Mapping services we have delivered

– The company does not have any issues in relation to temperature fluctuations and the damage this can cause

– Hard-to-access sensors are accessible through our robust approach

– The client is confident it meets the relevant regulatory requirements.


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