indu-tech manufacture a unique isolation valve that operate in the toughest applications including: Pulp and Paper, Steam Plants, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Waste Water Treatment and more

The indu-tech team understands comprehensively the challenges industrial tank operations face. They know how safety, efficiency and accuracy are critical priorities when measuring tank levels. And that’s why Indu-Techs engineering and design team devised a universal mounting system for our isolation valve.

Universal Bolt Patterns for All Situations

The indu-tech standard valves have an ANSI bolt pattern that apply to 2”, 3”, 4”, 150lb, 300lb, 600lb and 900lb valves. In addition, the valves are built to DIN Standards 50, 80 and 100 to PN 10, PN 16, PN 24 and PN 40.

No More Leaks

For tanks with former knife gates used for isolation, Indu-tech incorporated DS offset holes to match the knife gate bolt pattern. Before the true indu-tech Isolation Valve was developed, the standard knife gate valves used in isolation applications leaked passed the gate and the packing gland. This invariably caused leakage at the tank and, in some cases, caused safety hazards involving highly corrosive materials and contamination. In addition, most valves experienced excessive corrosion occurring at the valve support stem.

Rather than change all the tank flanges with the former knife gate bolt pattern, indu-tech has managed to incorporate the non-standard bolt pattern into our valve. Thus, you have bubble tight safety and standard off-the-shelf universal mounting.

Instrument Side Purge

indu-tech has incorporated a Level Transmitter instrument side purge. After the valve is flushed clean with the primary purge port, the valve is closed. Metered air is applied to the Transmitter side of the Instrument. This allows for the full calibration of the Level Transmitter while in situ.

This eliminates the costly expense of emptying the tank, removing the Level Transmitter and taking it back to the instrumentation to be put on a test bench for re-calibration. An accurate and reliable system when you really need to know what your process is telling you.

Bubble Tight Seal

A bubble-tight seal is an absolute must for chemical and gas applications. At indu-tech, our industrial experts understand the challenges of maintaining safety within plants. The risk of chemical or gas leaks from industrial tanks and process lines is always high, and measuring tank levels using level transmitters must be carried out as safely and responsibly as all other operations.

Wafer Style Ball Valve

A key factor in the success of the indu-tech Isolation Valve was the implementation of the Wafer-Style Ball Valve. This attribute is a key factor in keeping a level transmitter as close to the tank flange as possible.

Keeping the transmitter close to the flange has been a persistent challenge for industrial liquid processing and storage operations and for obtaining accurate level measurement. Accuracy in measurement is vital for safety and efficiency. indu-tech’s wafer-style ball valve has solved this issue.

Quarter Turn ON/OFF

indu-tech’s Isolation Valve features a simple quarter turn ON/OFF design. This simplifies movements of internal components and significantly decreases the chance of a jam. It is not susceptible to corrosion or contaminants that cause valve stems and brackets to corrode and seize, becoming inoperable over time.

Swirl Purge

Maintaining a clean passage from the level transmitter to the process medium is paramount to a well-functioning system. Over time, most tanks collect sediment at the base. Indu-Tech’s unique Swirl Purge allows operators to clean the tank mounting pipe and keep a clean passage to the Level Transmitter.